In my earlier post, we saw different ways in which we can use Gomobile. In this post I’ll try illustrating how to incorporate Gomobile into a mobile application using the bind command.


  1. Ensure that you’ve setup Go and Gomobile in your machine

  2. Install NDK (If you are generating a Android library)

Three Step Recipe

Step 1 - Write a Go Package
  1. Create a go package in $GOPATH/src/$username/gomobile_contact

  2. Create the following files

In the above linked files I’ve made a network request, parsed the response and unmarshalled it into a Contact object and returned the first Contact’s name. This is an example of a simple business logic component that can be written in Go and ported as a library.

Step 2 - Generate libraries

Use the following commands to generate libraries for iOS / Android applications

    gomobile bind --target=ios #ios
    gomobile bind --target=android #android
Step 3 - Import library into Application

Gomobile generates a .aar/jar for Android and .Framework for iOS

Import the packages into your application and call the FetchContactName() method which returns the first contact’s name.

VoilĂ ! You’ve succesfully generated a library using Go and integrated into your application :)